Diagonal flows, joinings and arithmetic

Sun, 30/04/2017 - 14:00
Arithmetic quotients of algebraic groups such as the space of unit volume lattices in R^n can be studied fruitfully from many directions and contain deep and subtle arithmetic information. Homogeneous dynamics studies these spaces by considering the action of a subgroup of the algebraic group on such a quotient. Of particular interest is the action of multiparameter diagonal groups: these display remarkable rigidity properties that are absent in the context of one parameter diagonalizable group actions.
One aspect of this rigidity is joining rigidity: under suitable conditions, this rigidity implies that knowing that an orbit of a multiparameter diagonalizable group in a product of two arithmetic quotients is equidistributed in each one of these quotients individually implies joint equidistribution.
I would explain this phenomena as well as some arithmetic consequences.