Research Areas

Name Research field
Prof. Ron Adin Algebraic combinatorics
Prof. Gideon Amir

Probability theory – with an emphasis on random walks, interacting particle systems and random graphs

Prof. Gil Ariel

Applied and computational mathematics: dynamical systems with multiple time scales, mathematical

Prof. Baruch Barzel

Complex systems and non-linear dynamics, stochastic processes, networks, statistical physics

Dr. Jonathan Beck Representation Theory, Quantum Groups
Prof. Alexei Belov Ring theory, Semigroup theory,Polynomial automorphisms, Quantization,Symbolical dynamic combinatorial geometry and its mechanical applications, Elementary mathematics and Mathematical education
Prof. Shimon Brooks Ergodic Theory, Spectral Theory, Quantum Chaos.
Prof. Elena Bunina

Chevalley groups, linear groups, model theory, elementary equivalence, description of automorphisms 

Prof. Reuven Cohen

Complex networks, graph theory, probability, complexity, discrete geometry

Dr. Naomi Feldheim

Probability and Analysis, in particular: Gaussian functions, large deviations, concentration of measure, discrepancy theory

Dr. Dan Florentin

convex geometry, asymptotic geometric analysis, loc-concave functions, billiards

Prof. Alexander Guterman

Linear algebra and its applications,  rings and  algebras

Prof. Simcha (Simi) Haber

Financial Mathematics,, Computational Finance, Probabilistic Combinatorics, Finite Model Theory, Graph Theory

Prof. Eyal Kaplan

Representation theory, number theory, automorphic forms, cover groups, Rankin-Selberg method

Prof. Mikhail Katz Differential geometry, Riemannian geometry, low-dimensional topology, Riemann surfaces, mathematics education, history of mathematics, infinitesimals
Prof. Nathan Keller

Combinatorics – Discrete harmonic analysis and its applications to Combinatorics and related fields including Probability theory, Social choice theory etc. Cryptography – design and cryptanalysis of symmetric key cryptosystems.

Prof. Boris Kunyavski Algebraic geometry, algebraic groups (including computational problems and applications in coding theory and public-key cryptography)
Dr. Emanuel (Menachem) Lazar

Applied and computational mathematics, mathematical materials science, topological methods in structure analysis, Voronoi tessellations, discrete differential geometry, mean curvature flow, dynamical cell complexes, universality principles, polyhedra

Prof. Andrei Lerner

Real analysis, harmonic analysis

Prof. Nir Lev Harmonic Analysis
Prof. Yoram Louzoun

Mathematical biology, bioinformatics, graph theory, stochastic processes, machine learning

Prof. Michael Megrel Groups of topological transformation and applications to functional analysis
Prof. Shahar Nevo

Complex analysis: normal families, operator theory: rational matrix valued functions

Prof. Tahl Nowik

.Low dimensional topology, Finite type invariants, Stochastic topology, Nonstandard analysis


Prof. Evgeny Plotkin Algebra, linear groups
Dr. Shifra Reif

Representation theory,
Lie algebras and superalgebras,
Algebraic combinatorics,

Prof. Andre Reznikov

Number theory, automorphic functions, representation theory

Prof. Assaf Rinot

combinatorial set theory, especially around the combinatorics of singular cardinals

Prof. Yuval Roichman Combinatorics, graph theory, representation theory, Coxeter groups
Dr. Michael Schein Algebraic number theory, Galois representations
Prof. Jeremy Schiff

Mathematical physics, differential equations, conformal field theory, integrable systems

Dr. Erez Sheiner

The fundamentals of the structure of supertropical algebras

Prof. Boris Solomyak

Fractal Geometry, Ergodic Theory

Dr. Eyal Subag

Lie theory, Representation theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras, Symmetries in mathematical physics

Prof. Boaz Tsaban

Pure mathematics: Applications of infinite combinatorics and other set theoretic methods to real analysis and general topology.

Prof. Uzi Vishne

Ring theory, Division Algebras