The geometry of almost-commuting varieties with a flag

Wed, 30/01/2019 - 10:30

In the construction of Hamiltonian reductions in symplectic geometry, interesting and rich connections to Hilbert schemes, Calogero-Moser spaces, and rational spherical Cherednik algebras have emerged over the last two decades. A Borel analogue of the classical general linear group construction (realized after a reduction from the cotangent bundle of enhanced Grothendieck-Springer resolutions) potentially opens doors for its connections to isospectral Hilbert schemes, flag Hilbert schemes, and other algebraic varieties, that are important to geometric representation theory, algebraic combinatorics, and quantum topology. 


Our construction can also be realized by certain quiver flag varieties, appearing in the geometric interplay in quiver Hecke algebras that categorify quantum groups. 


I will discuss a Borel analogue of the cotangent bundle of the extended general linear Lie algebra, discussing the complete intersection of the zero fiber of a moment map (as conjectured by Thomas Nevins), an enumeration of the irreducible components, and a Borel analog of an almost-commuting scheme appearing in the study of Calogero-Moser systems. No background is necessary and I will give plenty of examples throughout my talk. 


This is joint with Travis Scrimshaw.