Why Study Mathematics

Why study Mathematics?

Mathematics is probably the oldest of the sciences. From the dawn of human thought until today, math has evolved in two parallel yet interfacing paths – as a purely theoretical science and as an applicable discipline, crucial to the advancement of all other disciplines: biology, medicine, astronomy, robotics, communications, finances, security and most obviously – technology and computer sciences.

Nowadays, mathematicians are holding some of the world's most sought-after positions. The Wall Street Journal stated that of 200 professions, "Mathematicians landed at the top spot on a new study ranking of the best and worst jobs in the U.S.", as they do in Israel. A research held by the Israel Council of Higher Education and the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, discovered that the Mathematics, statistics and computer sciences disciplines are the most profitable professions.

The study of Mathematics enhances our analytical abilities and heightens our creative and original thought, and is therefore highly recommended as a standalone discipline or as complimentary to the studies of physics, computer sciences, and their like.


Why study Mathematics at Bar-Ilan?

Studying at a leading research University

A survey held by TheMarker (Jan. 2010), reviewed the registration preferences for higher education. Bar-Ilan University was rated 2nd of the 15 leading institutions in Israel. This advantage is even more significant when it comes to exact sciences, with BIU being the leader of scientific research, placed at the top of the scientific publications list.

Because of our diverse study tracks

TThe Department of Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University offers various study tracks, focusing on theoretical math, applicable math, mathematics for teachers, and statistics. Students may choose to incorporate unique tracks such as hi-tech minors, etc. Our flexible curriculum enables students to complete their first year before deciding on a major.

Because of the advanced research ventures
BIU's Mathematics Department is considered the best in its field in Israel, enabling its students to take part in groundbreaking scientific and technological research projects, focusing on physical math, biological math, advanced mathematical theories, and more. Two advanced research centers provide seminars on current scientific trends, such as analysis, algebra, combinatory, algebraic geometry, probability, coding, and more.
Our faculty is comprised of internationally acclaimed professors, winners of such prestigious awards as the Krill Prize (Dr. Reuven Cohen), and research pioneers (Prof. Abraham Trakhtman, solver of the "Road Coloring Problem"

Because of our dedicated study track for excelling students
If you scored 740 or higher on your psychometric exam, and your Bagrut (Israeli Matriculation) average is 110 or above – check out our Chosen Students (Nivcharim) Program – a direct study track for a PhD, including personal academic guidance, scholarships (housing, sustenance, honor grant), tuition exemption, participation in professional conferences and even free parking!

Because of the career opportunities and academic advancement
In comparison to both colleges and other universities, only BIU's Math degree will grants you with preferability and an added value in job interviews, career advancements, and advanced degree tracks and acceptance.

Because of our cultivating environment and personal connections
BIU's Math Department is renowned for its familiarity and the close connections between students, faculty, administrative staff, PA's, librarians and technical team, as attested by the students themselves. Every faculty member at our department is personally committed to the success of each of their students and provides assistance to anyone in need, promoting excelling students and challenging them, each in their own level.