Regular Seminars

All seminars meet in Room 201 in the Math Department
(Building 216 on the BIU Map ), unless otherwise noted.

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Name Organizer(s) Usual Time
Mathematics Colloquium Sunday, 12:00
Applied Math Seminar Tuesday, 10:30
Analysis Liflyand Elijah Monday, 14:00
Algebra Wednesday, 10:00
Algebraic Geometry Teicher Mina Wednesday, 12:00
Combinatorics Sunday, 14:00
Arithmetic, Geometry and Topology Katz Mikhail Wednesday, 15:00
Probability Wednesday, 12:00-14:00
Representation Theory Reif Shifra Tuesday, 14:00
Set Theory Rinot Assaf Monday 13:00-15:00
The Jewish Calendar Merzbach Ely Tuesday, 17:15
מעגלים מתמטים Vishne Uzi ימי שני 18-20 וימי רביעי 15-16