The strength of very small Jonsson cardinals

יום ב', 18/02/2019 - 13:00

An uncountable cardinal κ is Jonnson if only if the set of proper subsets of κ that are of cardinality κ is stationary. Though this property has large cardinal strength it is not at all clear that Jonnson cardinals do in fact need to be large in the obvious sense. For example, it is known that Jonsson cardinals can be singular. 

In this talk we will use the methods of Inner Model Theory to show that, given the assumption that the least singular cardinal is Jonsson, there is a canonical model with a strong cardinal together with a class of Silver indiscernibles for this model. (The proof presented will make some simplifying assumptions.) Time permitting, we may discuss approaches to extend this result to show the existence of inner models with Woodin cardinals and more.