Triple Massey products

יום ד', 26/04/2017 - 10:30

Fix an arbitrary prime p. Let F be a field containing a primitive p-th root of unity, with absolute Galois group G_F, and let H^n denote its mod p cohomology group, H^n(G_F,\Z/p\Z).
The triple Massey product (abbreviated 3MP) of weight (n,k,m) \in N^3, is a partially defined, multi-valued function 
< , , >: H^n x H^k x H^m \to  H^{n+k+m-1}.

The recently proved 3MP conjecture states that every defined 3MP of weight (1,1,1) contains the zero element.
In this talk I will present the idea of a new proof of the 3MP conjecture for odd primes, inspired by the idea of linearization. The nice thing is that it actually works for 3MP of weight (1,n,1) for arbitrary n.