Convolution semigroups on quantum groups and non-commutative Dirichlet forms

יום ב', 06/11/2017 - 14:00

We will discuss convolution semigroups of states on locally
compact quantum groups. They generalize the families of distributions
of Levy processes from probability. We are particularly interested
in semigroups that are symmetric in a suitable sense. These are proved
to be in one-to-one correspondence with KMS-symmetric Markov semigroups
on the $L^{\infty}$ algebra that satisfy a natural commutation condition,
as well as with non-commutative Dirichlet forms on the $L^2$ space
that satisfy a natural translation invariance condition. This Dirichlet
forms machinery turns out to be a powerful tool for analyzing convolution
semigroups as well as proving their existence. We will use it to derive
geometric characterizations of the Haagerup Property and of Property (T)
for locally compact quantum groups, unifying and extending earlier
partial results. We will also show how examples of convolution semigroups
can be obtained via a cocycle twisting procedure. Based on joint work
with Adam Skalski.